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Let’s Sk8 is a business venture consisting of several Bristol born members who feel that south-west is ready for the return of the roller disco experience.
Roller skating is not only fun, but it appeals to individuals of all ages, sexes and lifestyles and is a great family activity.  It is also an extremely good means of exercise which can burn off in excess of 600 calories per hour.  Interestingly, that is higher than the calories burnt whilst participating in some of the other more traditional styles of exercise such as aerobics and basketball.  Furthermore, we believe that roller skating compliments the fitness ethic that the government is wanting to instill into the country in an attempt to combat obesity.  
Let’s Sk8 hopes to inject more fun into the local community whilst encouraging more people to exercise.  
In the 1980’s Bristol used to run regular roller skating sessions and one of our members has extremely fond memories of those times and having just taken up roller skating again herself, feels that the youths of today should have the opportunity to enjoy this hobby too, which clearly can be lifelong.
Let’s Sk8 have a stock of roller skates sizes Youth 5 – Adult 13 and protective gear, which we recommend is worn.  Please see our hire skates tab if you wish to see the style of skate that we use.
So get your skates on….